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Did you know that your plans for removing certain trees in the area may need a tree removal permit? Fresno is strict on these regulations, as laid out in The City of Fresno Tree Ordinance. It governs the removal and trimming of certain trees in the city, and contravention of these laws can lead to stiff penalties.

Below you can read more about obtaining a local tree removal permit (Fresno, CA). We’ll also discuss how to get one, the validity period, and how tree professionals like us might be necessary to complete the process.

Would you like someone to help you cut through the red tape of removing a tree in Fresno, CA? Contact Maldonado Brothers Tree Service today. Our licensed and experienced tree contractors can assist you in applying for the correct tree removal paperwork.

When do I need a tree removal permit, Fresno, CA?

If you are dealing with a protected tree, you’ll need permission from the Department of Works in Fresno, CA. The regulations apply to both public and private land.

Protected trees include:

  • Heritage trees that the community deems important because of history, age, or aesthetics. The regulations apply to public and private land, and you may apply to have a tree on your property receive this designation if you want to protect it.
  • Multi-Trunk trees are where one trunk measures at least 12 inches. Alternatively, it applies to a tree that has an overall trunk circumference of 38 inches. There are exceptions in established, single-family residences in Fresno.
  • Trees on Public Property always need a permit for removal or trimming.

Are there times I won’t need a tree removal permit?

Fresno does make exceptions to the rule, and you may not need a permit to remove the following trees:

  • Any tree that is hazardous to the public or property: If a branch breaks in a storm, you may remove it to prevent it from falling on someone. Trees damaged in the Creek Fire may also fall under this designation.
  • Trees in the way of public utility lines: If tree growth interferes with power lines, you may trim it or remove it without permission.
  • Fruit Trees: The department generally does not protect any fruit trees.
  • Trees Deemed a Public Nuisance: These trees typically include invasive species, like the Myrtaceae family. The Director of Public Works, Fire Chief, and Director of Public Utilities must confirm this designation before you remove the tree.


Can I cut the tree down myself?

No. The City of Fresno Tree Ordinance states that you must hire a licensed professional like us for the task. The Maldonado Brothers Tree Service is on the list of approved contractors.

Once you have a permit, the removal price will be equal to the fair market value of the trees and the cost to plant replacements. The city might allow you to recoup this fee if you prove that you’ve replaced the downed tree.

The number and size of the replacements depend on the diameter of the original tree:

  • 12 to 24 inches: 2 trees of at least 24 inches in size.
  • More than 24 inches: 3 trees of at least 36 inches in size.
  • Heritage: 4 trees of at least 48 inches in size.

How do I apply for a tree removal permit Fresno?

You may download the form from the City of Fresno’s Landscape Maintenance Division and include the following information:

  • Owner’s name, phone number, address, and signature
  • Reason for removal
  • Name, license number, and signature of the tree removal contractor

How long do I have to act once I get the permit?

The permit is valid for one year, and you will need to reapply to the Fresno Landscape Maintenance Department if the period lapses.

What happens if I act without a permit?

If you are found guilty of removing a tree without a permit, you’ll pay a fine of double the cost of the application. You will have to pay for replacing the trees and cover a fine determined by the council.

What happens to the timber after the tree removal?

If the property owner doesn’t want it, the tree contractor must remove the wood. If the owner wishes to sell it, the City of Fresno Tree Ordinance stipulates that they must submit a Timber Harvesting Plan to the city.

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