Local Arborist Shares Tree Care Tips for Residents of Clovis, CA

Trees do not just serve to beautify the landscape, they also serve as sources of food, cooling, soil stability and even added property value. They require nurturing and intentional care to stay healthy and strong through the years. Tree care is something every tree lover or owner should invest in and practice to ensure longevity. 

Tree care may be labour intensive and stressful depending on the kind and amount of trees, and that’s where experts come in. Tree care experts know just the right amount of care, nutrients and love trees need to survive. They are also able to spot any problems and implement solutions that prolong the tree’s lifespan.

Tips To Keeping Your Trees Healthy All Year Long

Knowing the Trees

Knowing your tree is important as it helps to know what kind of care the tree needs, what diseases the trees are prone to and how to avoid them. Experts can also help to evaluate them and then proceed to care for the trees.


Trees need water to survive just as humans do and the amount depends on the type and age of the tree. The weather and season of the year is also an important determinant of how much watering trees require.


Mulching helps you protect trees, keep moisture, improve oxygen levels and soil structure to aid healthy growth.

It should be applied as a wide, even layer around the trunk of the tree without piling as that could lead to rot or disease.


Mature trees may not need much fertiliser to stay healthy but growing trees require adequate fertilization throughout the year. More amounts should be applied in early spring and summer.


Pruning helps to keep the trees healthy and strong as it removes any dead or weak branches. Pruning can go wrong easily so getting tree care experts to take care of it guarantees your trees don’t get harmed.

Where to Get The Best Tree Care Services in Clovis, CA

Going the do-it-yourself route for tree care is mostly stressful and more likely to lead to mistakes that affect the growth and health status of the tree. Tree care experts are the best people to help with evaluation, care and recommendations for excellent tree care.

If you’re in the Clovis, GA area, then Maldano Brothers Tree Service is your best option. They are professional, licensed and insured technicians with a motto of integrity and customer satisfaction. Their attention to detail is second to none and a superb customer experience is guaranteed.

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