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Tree Removal Services in Fresno, CA

Trees are a wonderful addition to any yard or property.  They are necessary to the ecosystem, provide shade, beautify the landscape, and can boost property value.  Sometimes, however, trees can become a nuisance, or even a danger, to your house and family. Tree removal can be a labor-intensive, potentially dangerous process, even when you have the proper equipment. Fortunately, when you need affordable, safe tree removal in the Clovis CA area, Maldonado Brothers Tree Service has you covered.

Professional Tree Removal Service

At MB Inc., our number one goal is to create your perfect environment. We strive to keep your trees healthy and beautiful, but we can also remove trees when it’s absolutely necessary. Whether the tree in question is diseased, dead, or just overgrown and posing a safety hazard to your home or building, we can remove it completely – and safely. 

Dying or dead trees in your yard or landscaping can pose a serious threat to your property.  Broken branches can fall on your roof or break windows or overgrown root systems can destroy the structural integrity of your home.  Tree limbs can also fall on nearby power lines, creating a hazardous situation for emergency repair personnel and others in your neighborhood.

 We don’t emphasize tree removal; after all, our passion is to keep the trees in your landscape happy and healthy. Even so, we recognize that tree removal can be the safest, and sometimes the only, realistic option. Our team of professionally trained tree specialists strive to provide the highest quality landscape and tree service possible to our residential and commercial customers.  Whether you need a single tree removed or a complete yard overhaul, you can trust us to do a job that exceeds your expectations. 

Professional Service from Certified Arborists

If you have dying or dead trees in your yard, you should not attempt to remove them on your own. DIY tree removal is extremely dangerous, and it could also pose a liability risk if a tree or limb were to hit a neighboring house or vehicle.

Full tree removal requires the help of an experienced professional, and Maldonado Brothers Tree Service is always here to help. Our expert arborists are fully trained, insured, and they know what to look for. More importantly, they know how to work safely and efficiently when removing dead and diseased trees from your landscape.  We also offer stump grinding, which will completely eliminate any sign that a tree was there. 

Residential and Commercial Tree Removal in Fresno, CA

We have been a trusted trusted company for tree removal in the Fresno, Clovis, or Sanger CA. areas for over 20 years. Our local tree experts only provide quality service at competitive rates. That is because we have the experience and equipment needed to perform fallen tree removal, pruning, arborist consultations, and other services safely and efficiently.

At Maldonado Bros Tree Service, we provide more than expert tree removal. We also take care of all cleanup, so you do not have to worry about tree debris in your yard or carting dead leaves to the local landfill.

We also make it a point to minimize any disruption to the surrounding vegetation. We go above and beyond to protect every part of your existing landscape, from the shrubs in front of your home to the grass in your lawn.

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If you suspect that a tree in your landscape is dead or dying, or it’s damaging your homes structural integrity, contact us sooner rather than later!  We will respond quickly, provide you with a free quote for tree removal and work with you to solve your problem.

Call one of our specialists today at (559)-994-7746 for a tree consultation.  Our tree technicians will assist you in developing an affordable plan, one that will protect your landscape, your home, and your wallet. We look forward to working with you!


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