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Tree Trimming & Pruning in Fresno, CA

Tree trimming and pruning are two of the most crucial elements in maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape. Whether you need to remove dead branches, stimulate growth, or just tidy up the appearance of your property, the professionals at Maldonado Brothers Tree Service in Clovis have you covered. Tree trimming has an extensive list of benefits including drastically improving the look, health, safety, and value of your property. In addition, proper tree trimming can reduce leaf litter, which can help control potential insect infestations.  Whether you want to keep your property safe from vulnerable branches, maximize the longevity of your trees, or just boost your curb appeal, let the professionals at MB Inc. take care of your tree trimming needs.

Trees need pruning for numerous important reasons, including safety, tree health, aesthetics.  Broken or damaged limbs can be dangerous, even in calm weather. Not only can they fall without warning and damage landscaping or structures, but they can possibly injure someone.  Also, some branches grow too large or too close to other trees and can pose a threat to your roof and chimney. And for a tree that looks tall and majestic, pruning allows it to grow healthier, so you can maintain a clear view of the horizon and your property.

Our pruning services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Trimming
  • Raising
  • Reduction

Why Hire A Professional Tree Trimmer?

Proper pruning should be unnoticeable to the untrained eye, but still increase the beauty of your trees.  Our tree specialists have decades of experience, so you can rest assured that your trees and property are in the best hands.  We also have certified arborists with significant knowledge in plant and tree care and relevant technical issues. 

Our professionals are highly trained and have both the skills and safety equipment to safely trim your trees and shrubs with precision.

We’ll identify any structural problems, disease, decay, vulnerable hanging branches, or death, and then provide necessary recommendations based on their findings.

  • Implementing these recommendations will:
  • Extend your tree’s life
  • Improve the overall ecosystem
  • Increase your residential or commercial property value

Removing dead limbs or balancing the growth with a good trim, can give the trees in your yard a whole new look. Trimming also helps trees grow healthy and strong while improving its overall shape as the tree grows.

What Are The Different Types Of Tree Pruning? 


  • Crown Cleaning is the removal of dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached, and low-vigor branches from the crown of a tree.
  • Crown Thinning is the selective removal of branches to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown. Thinning opens the foliage of a tree, reduces weight on heavy limbs, and helps retain the tree’s natural shape.
  • Crown Raising removes the lower branches from a tree in order to provide clearance for buildings, vehicles, pedestrians, and vistas.
  • Crown Reduction reduces the size of a tree, often for clearance for utility lines. Reducing the height or spread of a tree is best accomplished by pruning back the leaders and branch terminals to lateral branches that are large enough to assume the terminal roles (at least one-third the diameter of the cut stem). Compared to topping, reduction helps maintain the form and structural integrity of tree.

Trust Your Local Tree Service Experts at MB Inc!

Tree trimming and Pruning done by a professional tree service can stimulate branch growth and help make the roots stronger. This makes the tree healthier and stronger increasing its chances for to withstand the impact of a storm.  We’ll be sure your trees look the best that they possibly can!

Whether you hope to beautify your yard or keep your family safe, proper tree maintenance requires professional expertise to maintain the health, appearance and safety of your trees.

Let Maldonado Brothers Tree Service help you take care of your trees with our regular tree maintenance service for both residential and commercial properties. Call us at (559)-994-7746 to schedule a consultation.

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