5 Key Signs It’s Time to Remove a Tree

Well-maintained trees are the number one way to make your property or lawn stand out among a sea of shrubbery. However, beautiful, stately trees can turn deadly if not properly maintained.

Falling trees and tree limbs cause approximately 100 deaths every year, plus countless more injuries. 

If you are a homeowner or property owner, you need to know that tree removal is an essential part of tree services. Knowing when to remove a tree is critical to the safety of anyone on your property.

But how do you know when a tree needs to be removed? We have gathered the 5 key signs that it is time to remove a tree. 

1. Is the Tree Missing Leaves or Bark?

You may go a little overboard with tree pruning from time to time. But if your tree is missing leaves, or even, missing bark, it could be a sign that your tree has started to die and needs to be removed.

2. Is the Tree Leaning or Tilting?

Trees that have suddenly begun to tilt or lean sideways are dangerous. The trunk has been weakened and they are at risk of falling. Call a tree removal specialist if this has happened with any of your trees. 

3. Is the Tree in a Bad Location?

A tree is sometimes just planted in the wrong spot. Whether it’s too close to a powerline or its roots are disrupting piping and septic plumbing underground, 

In some cases, you don’t have to resort to tree removal but to tree cutting. Simply hacking back the branches that are hanging over a house or powerline can be enough to save the tree and reduce any risk. 

4. Is the Trunk Damaged?

A damaged trunk is a tell-tale sign that a tree may need to be removed. Types of damage include cracks in the trunk, which increases pressure on any limbs above it is supporting. 

Trunk damage is also an indicator of a decaying tree. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a tree removal specialist. 

5. Do You See Any Fungus or Rot?

Any visible fungus or rot on tree bark, branches, or leaves could signify that your tree has been infected from the inside out. Call an arborist for a proper inspection to determine if it can be treated or if tree removal is the only option. 

Need More Advice on All Things Tree Removal and Tree Care?

Tree removal is a critical part of landscaping maintenance. It is very important that you recognize the key signs when tree removal is required. If you are not sure, give an arborist a call.  

If you are located in the Fresno, Clovis, Sanger, or Madera CA area, be sure to reach out to the Maldonado Brothers Tree Service. They are a team of professionals who can take care of all your tree services, from tree trimming to stump grinding.

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